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DP Induction Course

DynamicPositioning Induction

Thetraining course is intended for marine deck officers and marine engineers whoare interested in becoming operators of dynamic-positioned vessels. Thetrainees should be duly certified under the Standards of Training,Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) regulation as deck and engine officers.

Thecourse provides the aspiring DP operators the basic principles and elements ofa dynamic positioning system. These are the control systems, position referencesystems, environment and ancillary sensors, power generation, and supply andpropulsion. It outlines and explains the different operations and applicationsof the DP system.

Trainingdelivery uses theoretical discussion and practical operation of the DP system.Practical exercises are performed using the desktop DP simulator. The traineeneeds to pass the online examination and get a score of 70% or higher. ACertificate of Completion (COC) and a Nautical Institute (NI) DP logbook areissued to the trainee after completing the course.