Offshore Seateam Asia Pacific Limited

DP Simulator Course

Dynamic Positioning (DP) Simulator Course

The training course is for maritime professionals who have successfully completedDP Induction. This also means that they have completed a 60-day (minimum)familiarization onboard a DP vessel, which is reflected in their logbook.

The course focuses on the trainees’ core skills and knowledge of the DP system.In addition, the trainees need to pass the online examination and the practicalassessment. This time, the aspiring DP operators have gained a 60-day watchkeeping experience, aside from the DP Induction experience.
Training delivery uses theoretical discussion and exercises in a simulatedenvironment. The practical exercises include the operation of the DP system andapplication of emergency procedures while introducing errors, faults, failuresand alarms. A Certificate of Completion (COC) is earned at the end of thecourse.